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Members of RCNV visited Rajasthan Royal academy

On the morning of 12th march members of RCNV visited Rajasthan Royal academy where the Rajasthan Royal team practices before every IPL season and also many seasoned player come for training at boot camps. In 2011 Mr. Romi Bhinder conceived the idea of starting a cricket academy in the remote area, of Talegaon, around 90kms away from Nagpur. There is also a residential school for tribal kids who greeted our members on arrival with flowers. Mr. Romi passionately shared his experience of starting this now flourishing Academy by overcoming infinite challenges. One important purpose of this Academy is to give tribal kids academics along with complete package of sports of all kinds. Cricket training have been going on at Talegaon for the last several years and has given India it’s many talented cricketers!Members & kids had fun playing indoor cricket matches and toured the RR’s museum where trophies and t-shirts of legendary players with their iconic signatures are kept. We got opportunity to click the pictures on the state-of-the-art cricket ground, and had yummy food in the cafe. Director Sandip Durugkar, deserves praise for planning this wonderful vocational visit. PDG Satish Sule and President Shivani presented a small token of appreciation to Mr Romi and also distributed tee shirts, energy drinks and sports kits to the little champs residing at the Academy. Overall it was an amazing visit, especially for our enthusiastic little Rotakids!

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