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Nurturing your Gut for overall Wellness

A joint meeting with Rotary club of Nagpur West was held on 7th May 2024. Well known Nutritionist and diet consultant Meghana Kumare held an informative session on nurturing your Gut for overall wellness. Meghana informed that the gut microbiome is responsible not only for digestion of food but it also influences the mood, regulates metabolism and supports the immune system. She debunked many myths like
• All bacteria are harmful, where in reality the key lies in promoting a balance between good and bad bacteria.
• Diet plays a significant role in Gut health but it is not the sole determinant. Factors like stress, sleep quality & physical activity influences the gut microbiota.
For a healthy Gut and better health outcomes Meghana recommended a diverse gut microbiome. Consuming a wide variety of fiber rich foods, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fermented food promotes diversity. Lifestyle factors as managing stress, getting adequate sleep, staying physically active among other factors are essential for maintaining a healthy gut microbiome. She stressed that small changes in diet and lifestyle can yield significant benefits for one’s gut and health.
The meeting was adjourned after the National Anthem.

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