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Even the winters become unbearable for people living in the streets, with most deaths occurring due to exposure to the elements. Even here RCNV tries to come to the rescue by distributing warm blankets, shawls, sweaters etc during the winter months so that they can sustain themselves with whatever little solace we can provide.

  • Rotary Club of Nagpur Vision in an efficient and timely manner distributed 1360 good quality new blankets to homeless and underprivileged citizens in utmost need during the harsh winter this year when lowest temperatures dipped down to 6 degrees centigrade.
  • The money for this project, titled “Rotary Spreads Warmth” was contributed by the members of the club, their families and friends within a week and distribution was completed within one week as well to address the problem.
  • The Club enjoys strategic partnerships with various NGOs working among the homeless and underprivileged and thus giving aid to people directly in need was facilitated through them. A major Police Station in the city also came forward through their Senior Police Inspector to help distribute many blankets to homeless people they encounter facing the extreme cold during their night patrol. This was found to be very fortunate as the Police know exactly where and who require help the most. Many of our members even accompanied Police personnel during their night patrolling to distribute blankets around Nagpur City.
  • The entire RCNV fraternity of 137 members and their families got together without exception to execute “Rotary Spreads Warmth”.
  • The project was also covered by the local media and various other Rotary Clubs in the region also took up similar projects using our example. Also, generated a lot of goodwill with the Police Department as our Club helped in improving their public image too.

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