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In the harsh Nagpur summers it becomes impossible for poor people to venture out without badly harming their feet because they lack the luxury of footwear. RCNV comes to the rescue by collecting footwear with the help of school children and distributing them to the very needy during the summer months.

  • Rotary Club of Nagpur Vision in an efficient and timely manner distributed 1360 good quality new blankets to homeless and underprivileged citizens in utmost need during the harsh winter this year when lowest temperatures dipped down to 6 degrees centigrade.
  • The Club enjoys strategic partnerships with various NGOs working among the homeless and underprivileged and thus giving aid to people directly in need was facilitated through them. A major Police Station in the city also came forward through their Senior Police Inspector to help distribute many blankets to homeless people they encounter facing the extreme cold during their night patrol. This was found to be very fortunate as the Police know exactly where and who require help the most. Many of our members even accompanied Police personnel during their night patrolling to distribute blankets around Nagpur City.
  •  RCNV also executed project “Soul to Sole” wherein used and new footwear were collected through school children and our own club members to distribute during the severe summer months among the underprivileged children and homeless people.
  • This year, our Club collected and distributed 772 pairs of footwear to the needy children and homeless people all over Nagpur involving more than 60% of our club members, spouses& children.

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