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Summer Camp for Arts & Crafts

Aone-day summer camp was organizedon 20th June near Harihar Mandir for children.It was an engaging and educational vocational training session in art and craft, led by Rotarian Neeta Punyani. The session focused on sketching, drawing, and paper flower making with leaf designs. This initiative was aimed at fostering creativity among the children while providing them with valuable skills in art and craft.

The session was part of the broader summer activities organized for the children, designed not only for their entertainment but also for their skill development. The chairperson of the event, Neeta Punyani, played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this vocational training.
The dedication and expertise of Neeta Punyani, along with the support of her teacher friend, were instrumental in making this session both educational and enjoyable for all participants. This initiative highlights the importance of incorporating art and craft into children’s activities, promoting both skill development and creative expression.

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