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Conference at cruise

A very well organized and executed- the 21-22 District Conference at Cordelia Cruise on 7th , 8th and 9th May !!! Right from receiving each and every participant and seeing them off personally at the entrance by DG Ramesh Meher Sir and First Lady Sharda Ma’am , to small and big gestures by the organizing team , it was commendable!! The impressive District Conference Kits were sent to each one much before the conference. The speakers from humble backgrounds but great humanitarian services, celebrity, the crisp agenda, the awards, the announcements, the in house cruise theatre performances and dances, the lavish food display all the time, the house of fellowship and friendship, live music, casino, the overpowering deck … well it’s unending!!! Four RCNVians, Rtn Kamal Chhabrani, Rtn Jaishree Chhabrani, Rtn Vicky Mulchandani, and Rtn Ann Mona Mulchandani proudly represented RCNV at the most adventurous and memorable District Conference !!!!

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