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Joint vs Nuclear – The Big Question!!

RCNV had a crackling Panel Discussion on the Topic – “Joint vs Nuclear?”
The session started with a Bollywood Family Masala Video showcasing a lot of clippings of various movies setting up the mood for an entertaining evening.
Moderator Rtn. Jaishree Chhabrani made sure the panellists opened their hearts to speak up.
The discussion was opened with a poll for and against the Joint Family System.
Eminent panellists gave their set of views . PP Sanjay Arora spoke about how the change in occupation and economic independence lead the Indian Family system slowly change from the Joint to Nuclear. PDG Shabbir Shakir highlighted that a joint family should convert to a Nuclear Family at the correct time. At that is when the family does not wish to split. Rozina Rana wittily commented that even husband and wife are a joint family. Rtn Nikunj Pawar said at times the boss is important in the family . Rtn Meghana Nene favoured the concept of Nuclear Family . Ann Sonal Singhvi said divide and rule policy can be outwitted by having a united front .
All the panellists were to the point and had a healthy discussion leading to “All’s Well that Ends Well”

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