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Radiant Paws”Initiative Brightens Lives of Stray Dogs

On 9th June, Sunday, the ROTARACT CLUB OF VSPM PHYSIO, in collaboration with SHVAAN CLUB and Rotary Club of Nagpur Vision hosted an event called “Radiant Paws” to improve the safety and well-being of stray dogs.
During the event RCNV director youth, Yogesh Paliwal, Karishma Paliwal along with members of club Harshita Singh, Neha Thakre, Suhani Khandelwal, Prerna Katare, Annaporni, Kalyani Phallak, ShramikaJhayle and volunteers of Shvaan club and RCNV tied reflective bands around the necks of 25 stray dogs near the Lokmanya Nagar Metro Station, Nagpur.
These reflective bands are designed to make the dogs more visible at night, significantly reducing the risk of traffic accidents. In addition to this safety measure, the volunteers provided nutritious meals to the dogs, ensuring they received the necessary nutrients for their health.
The event was marked by a strong sense of community spirit and compassion for the stray dogs.
“Radiant Paws” was a resounding success, with a significant number of dogs receiving reflective bands and nutritious meals. The initiative not only improved the safety and health of the dogs but also demonstrated the positive impact of community-driven efforts.

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