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The Sparsh journey begins to serve the rural villagers at Wadsa Dist Gadchiroli – multi-specialty Medical Camp

RCNV started its first-ever Multi Committee & Multi Speciality Diagnostic & Surgical Camp  “SPARSH” at Wadsa, Dist Gadchiroli on 28.11.2021 from 10 am to 5 pm. Our Medical Team of Doctors & Volunteers were ready to leave at 7 am on Sunday 28.11.2021. We have the Community Service, Vocational Training & Sports Committees present during the camp to carry out various activities.

 Dinesh Naidu & Sohrab Kanga, Senior Rotarians connected with their friends to plan an outing to Wadsa in Gadchiroli District where the State Reserve Police Force Centre has located about 140 km from Nagpur. After understanding the needs of the rural population in this region a meeting was held those present were DCP Vivek Massal, RCNV President Vikram Naidu, PE Shivani Sule, Director Medical Pooja Poddar, PDG Satish Sule, Sohrab Kanga & Dinesh Naidu. Another recce was carried out & SPARSH Medical & Multi Committee was finalized to be held on 28.11.2021 at the SRPF Centre Dispensary from 10 am to 4 pm for the benefit of all villagers from the neighboring areas. Police Patils made announcements & around people started arriving in large groups from early morning. Thus the dream to conduct Medical & Surgical Camps in rural areas of Gadcgiroli was triggered off. On the day of this Camp, the ceremonial Pooja was done at the hands of Prashant Ugemuge, Managing Director of Vidharbha Infotech Pvt Ltd. All the senior & young Rotarians, Spouses, Doctors, Staff & Medical Students started the journey to Wadsa accompanied by the Government Dental College Van with their Teacher Supervisor & Students. After a brief halt for Tea & Biscuits at Bhiwapur, the convoy reached Wadsa in time to start the camp which was inaugurated by President Vikram Naidu & Ann Shalini Naidu in the presence of DCP Vivek Massal, Staff of SRPF, Doctors from Rural Hospital & PHU.

 The Medical team led by Director Dr. Pooja Poddar included President Elect Dr. Shivani Sule, Dr. Vikram Alsi, Dr. Pushpa Bhave, Dr. Rupeshree Bhoyar, Dr. Madhumati Dhawad, Dr. Vaghish Katariya, Dr. Shamit Ambatkar, Dr. Prashant Rathi,  Dr. Arjun Deshmukh, Dr. Kailash Dharmik, Dr. Shilpa Warhekar, Dr. Kuthe, Nurses from SVMM & Students of Govt. Medical College & Govt. Dental College.

 Medical Committee Doctors of Opthal, Gynac, Dental, ENT, Pediatric, Orthopedic, General Surgery, and Medicine saw patients. These Doctors, Medical Students & Staff screened nearly 1200 Patients. Eye Tests & Spectacles to 200 persons are to be given by Sponsor VIPL, Dental procedures 42 scaling, 35 restorations, and 7 extractions were carried out by Dentists in a Dental van from Government Dental College Nagpur. Medicines were distributed to all patients.

 Director Ritesh Tahaliyani led the Community Service I team & Warm Hearts Committee in Blanket distribution, by being part of another Flagship Project of RCNV, most appropriately titled as “SPARSH”. In a very organized manner, the Chairpersons Piyush Ahuja, PP Gulab Mahant, Sharad Paliwal, Neeru Bhatia of the committee together with members of the club distributed 110 blankets to the villagers, mostly senior citizens who had come to attend the medical camp. The members ensured that the blankets are given to the most deserving candidates for which the Sarpanch of respective villages helped in identifying the really deserving candidates.

 Director Vanita Shukul led her Community Service II team & Underprivileged Committee in distributing T-Shirts to Children accompanying their parents to the camp. First lady Shalini Naidu, Chairpersons Neeru Bhatia, Sadhana Paliwal & Members PP Manju Shahani, PP Chandru Shahani, co-ordinated with all the other Committees to help them complete all the tasks before, during & after the camp.

 Vocational training for accompanying persons of Patients was taught how to make  3 types of paper bags & colorful satin ribbons garlands. All of them were counseled to start making these items & more to set up a small business to improve their family income. A talk to village Asha workers for encouraging villagers for improving & maintaining good hygiene was held during the camp.

 Director Youth & Sports Amit Chandak along with his Chairs Piyush Ahuja distributed many Sports articles like Tennis Balls, Badminton Racquets, Rubber Rings, Skipping Ropes, etc to more than 100 children who were present during the camp. Rotarians & Medical staff helped in OPD activity, registration & distribution of medicines.

 Ann Kanchan Naidu who is a CRISIL Certified Trainer conducted a session of wise investing for a safe &  secure future for all the young Jawans of SRPF. The session was much appreciated.

 We organized games and antakshari in our bus journey with sumptuous snacks. As a gesture of appreciation, SRPF Commandant DCP V Massal handed over a Momento to President RCNV Vikram Naidu.

 The Surgical procedures will be carried out on or after December 12, 2021, at Wadsa or Armori. The local Doctors have assured us of all help & support. Kingsway Hospitals of Nagpur have come forward to support RCNV with Doctors, Nurses, Equipment & Consumables needed for the Surgeries.

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