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Stay at Home, Get Vaccinated

During this raging surge in cases of the pandemic, hospital beds, oxygen and medicines have become scarce.
To enable our fight against covid, we started a four pronged method –
1. blood and plasma donation drive
2. Vaccination drive
3. Distribution of O2 concentrators on rental basis
4. A group of doctors volunteers and hospital administrators joining hands to provide information regarding bed availability and medicines.

Plasma and blood donation drive

A data base is being collected from other rotary clubs too for the benefit of the blood banks in need of plasma donors by treated covid patients. This acts as a life saving adjuvant for critical patients by providing antibodies. We have partnered with Hedgewar blood bank for this endeavour and they have promised all the help possible.

Vaccination drive for above 45 age group

Our club tied up with a couple of prominent hospitals, namely seven star and SVMM hospital so that vaccination can be done seamlessly for our members and spouses. Details of all the members and spouses were provided before hand to these hospitals enabling them to preregister and get the jab at the earliest. Many senior members and spouses availed this facility.

O2 concentrators

As a stop gap arrangement for those needy people unable to get a bed suffering from low oxygen saturation, the O2 concentrator works as a life saver. It is a machine which converts air into provide oxygen so that people with low saturation can be benefited. We are providing these to all the needy people at a minimal rental per day. We have already got 5 concentrators and aim to procure 5 more, looking at the need and it’s ability to save lives.
The exorbitant cost of the concentrators prevent the poor patients from buying it and hence the requirement and procurement was ably justified.

Bed and medicine availability

To help our members and their friends get accurate information regarding the status of beds available at any point of time, a group of doctors, hospital administrators and volunteers decided to join hands. The group is constantly monitoring the situation about beds, ventilator availability, life saving drugs and oxygen, so that panic stricken people could get to the right place at the right time.

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